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Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial, Inc.
"Dedicated to an everlasting Memorial to the Veterans of Northeast Montana"
P.O. Box 202
Glasgow, Montana 59230

Montanans have a long history of uncommon patriotism and have always been ready and willing to come to the defense of the United States of America. This is evidenced by the fact that Montanans represented the highest per capita participation during WWII and suffered the second highest percentage of combat deaths in the nation. More than nine thousand men and women resident to this Northeast region have served in uniform and approximately three hundred gave their lives in service to our country, with many more suffering debilitating wounds, loss of limb, and mental scars.

The 163rd Infantry Regiment of the Montana National Guard, with companies in Sidney, Poplar, Bainville, Glasgow, Malta, Culbertson, and Wolf Point, was organized in 1894 as the First Montana Volunteers. The unit received its "First Baptism of Fire" in the Philippines in 1898, and again on the Mexican border in 1916. Following the outbreak of WWI, the outfit was designated as the 163rd Infantry Regiment and deployed to Europe. On Christmas Eve of 1917, they landed at Liverpool, England, and went on to serve throughout numerous campaigns in France.

Again in September 1940, Montana Men of the 163rd were called to fight for their country. This unit, largely from Northeast Montana, deployed to the South Pacific following the attack on Pearl Harbor and fought some of the bloodiest battles of WWII until December 31, 1945.

Leading up to and following the outbreak of WWII, thousands of additional young, patriotic Montanans lined up to enlist into the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines. Now titled The Greatest Generation, they intended to fight and if necessary, die for the ideals of democracy and the United States of America.

This Montana tradition continued throughout our actions in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every conflict threatening our freedom and the lives and dignity of others around the world.

With the exception of Northeast Montana, each region of our state has constructed and dedicated elaborate Veteran memorials. Without question, the brave patriots from this area who sacrificed for our freedom deserve an everlasting demonstration of our gratitude for their service.

Had it not been for the selfless sacrifice of these brave men and women, we would likely be living under an oppressive form of government, and we all owe them an unpaid debt of gratitude.

Let us come together as a community of Northeastern Montanans to fund and build a magnificent Veterans Memorial to honor the patriotism and sacrifice of our men and women who have served and continue to serve in uniform.

Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Park
P.O. Box 202, Glasgow, MT 59230

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