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News for Veterans Day 2015

It has been a privilege to watch the progress as the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial take shape in Fort Peck. This summer, with the help of some heavy equipment, cleared and leveled ground gave way to the 38-foot high main monument, 10 walls of honor, pathways, and bases for sculptures. The dedication on July 4th, 2016, will fulfill five years of planning and work by scores of Northeast Montana volunteers.

On that day next May, nearly 900 black granite tiles carrying the names of veterans and their branch of service should be placed on the Walls of Honor. The American flag, state of Montana, POW flags, and one for each branch of service will surround the main monument. An entry sign will lead visitors to an entry kiosk topped with a freedom eagle sculpture. Beginning landscaping of sod, trees, and shrubs should be in place.

All the bills are paid, no money is owed, and the budget is on target and expected to stay that way through all of Phase #1.

When the Memorial is dedicated, will it be fully functional? Yes. Will it be complete? No. There are still goals to be met to fully complete the site. Under consideration are KIA and MIA vigil areas, a water feature, and additional sculptures. A Wall of Honor directory and a Taps bugler sculpture created by Pamela Harr and Harvey Rattey are in future plans.

We sincerely hope the friends of this memorial will keep this project in mind when planning Holiday giving. Wall of Honor tiles make a perfect holiday gift for a veteran. We have room for 2,800 more tiles on existing Walls. Applications are available on line and at most area banks. All veterans from all branches of service, including National Guard and Reserves, can be honored on the Wall. Any veteran who is important to a NE Montana resident can be included on the Wall regardless of where they live. A qualified Veteran is anyone who has served at least 6 months and has been honorably discharged.

We should also note that benches, tables, flags, and signs are available for sponsorship and are appropriate donations for individuals and organizations. Donations are still extremely important and especially welcome.

Despite the loss of some of our veterans, the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial preserves a loving memory, showing the highest respect and honor for the sacrifices of all veterans. It forever preserves our appreciation, and gives appropriate honor to their service.

It has been our goal to work on behalf of all veterans, and to do this memorial right.
Our intention is also to provide this memorial as an educational resource for future generations.
Steve Page and Tom Markle, Co-Chairs

Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial
Update Fall, 2015

* The Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc. was incorporated in 2013, after two years of extensive background work for one purpose:
To promote, develop and fund, design, build and maintain a world class veterans memorial for nine Northeast Montana Counties.
* It is located in the center of Fort Peck on land the Town of Fort Peck transferred to the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial by permanent easement.
* Construction began on phase #1 of the Memorial in May 2015. Phase #1 includes all preliminary surveys, soil tests, architecture, design and construction engineering, entries and flat work, the main monument, entry sign, flagpoles, vigil area foundations, basic electric, irrigation, sod, trees, shrubs, an eagle sculpture on an entry kiosk and 10 Walls of Honor.
* LSC Contractors of Fort Peck is building the Memorial and the Fort Peck office of Interstate Engineering provided the engineering, with professional input from Norval Electric, G&D Electric, Mike Kaiser Associates, and Fossum Ready Mix. Aakres of Green Grass and Mogan Lawn Service plan to irrigate and sod the site, weather permitting. DBA Architects of Minneapolis created the design.
* Volunteers have planned and directed the project. There are no hired employees.
* To date individual, organization, professional and business donations have funded the project through the sale of Wall of Honor tiles, raffles, and general fundraisers. Grant applications are pending. There has been no budgeted government funding.
* The By Laws establishing up to a nine-member Board of Directors were approved in 2012. We are encouraging Board of Director applications at this time. Board members may reside in any northeast Montana county.
* The Memorial is a qualified 501(c)19, as a non-profit for tax- deductible contributions.
* The Montana Legislature passed HB 0578 in the 2015 session requiring that the Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Park in Fort Peck be designated on official Montana State Maps.
* With the exception of landscaping, work was completed on Phase #1 in November of 2015.
* The Memorial will be dedicated on July 4th, 2016.

Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial

PO Box 202 406-688-9236
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Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial Park
P.O. Box 202, Glasgow, MT 59230

Northeast Montana Veterans Memorial, Inc. is a 501(c) (19) non-profit corporation, qualified to receive and receipt tax deductable contributions. Your donation is fully tax deductable to the extent allowed by the law. Please consult your personal tax advisor for your particular tax issues.